Hi, My name is Sonali and I’m a New Delhi, India based Photographer who also aspires to become a Filmmaker one day. Being a creative person, I always have this urge to do something creative and to me Photography is just it! I love how it allows me to capture the world through my eyes and present my side of the story through a single photograph. The reason why I decided to start my own blog is because when I first started out there was no who could help me and boy when I first laid my hands on a DSLR camera I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t understand any of the settings and I was very frustrated, I’m not claiming that I am an expert now but I really want to help someone who is in a position I was in before and maybe make some friends along the way. If you wish to stick around and follow me along you can go read my blog.

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Sonali Patricia Anand
Sonali Patricia Anand


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Sonali Patricia Anand