Hello to anyone who is reading this. I hope you’re doing well! I’m doing well myself. Today, I want to share some of my favourite pictures that I took of my sister during a photo-shoot few days ago. This photo session was not planned at all, initially I wanted to take some video clips of her as I am working on something else but I don’t know what happened, I started taking picture instead and it was so fun that we completed dropped the plan of taking video instead.

Normally, when I take portrait I always go with my kit lens but this time I was using a telephoto lens and I think it’s my favourite now. I love how sharp the pictures turn out with my 70mm – 300 mm lens and the depth of field with this lens has my heart.

Aside from that since this whole thing was not planned I was really not caught up with trying to recreate something that I saw somewhere that might sparked an inspiration and this really did take away the stress of having everything perfect and gave me the opportunity to get creative and start to see what really works for me. I think I’ve found my style but hey there is always something to learn in photography and maybe my style may evolve into something completely different in the future.

Also, these pictures were actually taken outside of a metro station! So, if you’re reading this and you think that you don’t have a good location for a photoshoot, don’t let that get in your way! You can make the best use of any location you just got to get creative.

I used Lightroom to edit these pictures and all of them were shot in RAW format.