alt = "scenery of a mountain"
The view I was greeted with on my way to school

Hey guys, I won’t call myself a professional photographer or anything of that sort! I mean, I’m still learning to work with my camera.

I’m telling you, trying to take good pictures with a DSLR can be tricky if you’re not aware about the whole shutter speed, aperture and ISO passas! I still remember how my fascination of cameras began. I guess I was in 1st standard and during those years of my life I stayed with my Grandparents in one of the most beautiful places in the world, that is Manipur, India. My uncle was big on cameras and anything that had to do with technology in those days so we had a lot of cameras laying around the house. I would often pick them up when no one was around and play with it like I was shooting a music video or something. It was so much fun back then. Little did I know back then that maybe I might actually become a Photographer.

I was a very creative kid back then, I would often draw or try to make something, you know those DIY things and I would often tell the elders that I would become an artist when I grow up. My Grandma was always very skeptic about this, you see she was a nurse and she wanted her grandchild to become a Doctor. I didn’t like the idea of me becoming a Doctor and yes as a kid I myself was terrified to death by Doctors. I would often associate them with needles and everything painful.

Now let’s fast forward a bit! It was when I was in 7th standard, I became obsessed with YouTubers especially Troye Sivan and Zoella. Back then I was a really shy kid and I guess I still am, I was very introverted and didn’t really have many friends. I would often imagine as if Troye was my friend. It was so much fun watching them and then this whole craze of me wanting to become a YouTuber started. I started my channel and kid you not I uploaded a video of me with my cat and it had no context what so ever! But, I just did it for the sake of doing it! I soon realised that the video was so bad that I decided to remove it. Thank goodness!

Now, let’s fast forward a bit again! I was in high school was a pretty decent student, a teachers pet to be more specific! Still hoping of becoming a YouTuber and doing my thing. This was the time when I really started maintaining my Instagram feed, me and my friend would go out for our own mini photo shoot and I’m so so thankful for all those days, it taught me so much about angles,composition and most importantly how much I love taking pictures! During that time, I didn’t own a camera but my phone took some decent pictures so I was happy with that! I would also take look book videos with my friend on my phone and I absolutely loved editing them, this made me realize that I want to do photography and film making in my future. It just brought so much joy to me! One time there was this festival going on and an event was held near my locality, a lot of people were coming from different places to attend that event so I decided to go too. I don’t know what happened after that! I was like, I have to make a video right now! Everyone was so dressed up and I wanted to capture everything and so I did! I uploaded that video on YouTube and it got me around 4k views, that’s a lot of you ask me considering my following is only 200 something.

After that video my dad got impressed and bought me my first ever DSLR! It is Nikon d5300 and I adore it so much! I even named him Lucus!

Lucus and I didn’t get quite a long at first, I thought it was too heavy and I didn’t understand how to operate it because I didn’t know anything about the settings and whenever I took pictures with Lucus, It would turn out so bad! I thought my phone was way better! But slowly by slowly I started getting a hang of Lucus and yes it’s more than 2 years since I had him and yes I’m still learning to work with him but you know what I’m happy! I’m so happy that I have Lucus in my life!

Four friends out in a rainy day
My friends on their way to the forest on a rainy day

This is probably one of the first pictures that I took with Lucus! I was really proud of it as I liked it a lot!

So here’s the deal! This blog is dedicated to people like me who are just starting out and want to improve their photography and film making skills! I just want to let you know that you’re not alone. It’s a journey and don’t worry I’m with you on the way. So, let’s stop making excuses and let’s just start shooting!