This Covid – 19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and anyone who is like me wanting to get their hands on street photography for the very first time, this time doesn’t really seem to be the best. Recently, I’ve started consuming a lot of content based on photography as I have plenty of time in my hands since this whole quarantine thing started. Now, my desperate need or anxiety of wanting to do things constantly so that I don’t feel like wasting my time got me into this whole realm of street photography but how in the world am I suppose to go out and shoot at this point of time? It’s not practical and to my rescue came in Google Maps.

A narrow street in Osaka, Japan
A street somewhere in Osaka, Japan

Google Map has this feature where you can see any place but not all the places in the world virtually. I got to know about this through a YT video and I’m so very thankful for it. It is by this creator called Faizal Westcott where he uses Google maps to do street photography and I got so inspired by it that I took some pictures as well. You simply just use the Google Map to navigate to where ever you want to do street photography virtually and then take a screen shot of that place and edit it however you want.

Now, I know it’s not as good as going into the actual world and taking the pictures yourself but you know what they say ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’ !

A street view with a red taxi as the subject
Street Photography using Google Maps

This is also great way to get started if you’re not really comfortable going out in public and taking pictures and also a great way develop an eye for good composition as well.

I hope this inspires you in someway to start thinking outside the box and to just get started.